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A Simple Meditation to help Relaxation

Buddhists have realised the relaxational properties of meditation for thousands of years now. We in the West, have only known about meditation for a small number of years by comparison.

The practice of simple meditation need have no religious connotations whatsoever. In and by itself it can be a good way of relaxing the mind and the body.

One main feature associated with anxiety is that people suffer with a 'chattering mind', what the buddhists call 'The monkey mind'. As if one is surrounded by monkies all chattering away at you, as if you have no control over them. Our mind can become crowded with thoughts running rampant as we try to figure out or deal with whatever is causing us anxiety.

And our thoughts can go around and around, searching for answers or going over the same thoughts time and again, as if like a record player, stuck in a groove. Once you start thinking of something, or searching in your mind, you find you cannot stop until it goes full circle.

And then...........?

You start again.

Like a dog continuously worrying a bone !

Sound familiar ? It takes a lot of energy to keep that 'chattering mind' going, and the more you do it the more your energy levels drop. You may even find over time that worrying in this way, and losing sleep because your mind is constantly chattering and worrying; can lead to some memory losses. You may find yourself losing concentration and 'zoning out' for seconds at a time before coming back into 'focus'. Or going upstairs for something and then standing there scratching your head, wondering what it was you went up there for ?. These can be signs that you need to rest and relax your mind. Your mind letting you know that it does not like being put into constant 'overload'.

So, can a simple meditation be useful to you ?

Question : Ever seen a worried Buddhist ?

The purpose of the simple meditation here, is to facilitate a peaceful mind. Everyone is unique and therefore different, so you may find that meditation does not suit you. Those who persevere with it though, may find it to be a useful way in calming the 'chattering mind', and find the benefit that this can bring.

download My simple meditation mp3 download lasts for approximately 15 minutes (9MB click here).

The free MP3 audio file instructs the beginner, and affords a five minute period of silence in which you may practise. Please feel free to try it for yourself. I wish you well upon your chosen journey.

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