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Cognitive-behaviour therapy

CBT is a short term, problem focused psychosocial intervention. The fundamental principle of CBT is that what people think affects how they feel emotionally and physically alters what they do.

It involves helping people see how their thoughts and behaviour relate to the way they feel and how this might contribute to their problems.

The counsellor will talk to you about your problems. It is vital to get an accurate picture (assessment) of the difficulties you have, the impact these have on you and people close to you and how they affect your ability to do things.

Early on, the counsellor will explain to you how CBT works and help you to think about how it fits with your problems. Working together as a team you will be expected to make an active contribution agreeing interventions and actions - like diary keeping to help you to recognise in more detail how you think, feel and behave.

CBT isn't just talking, A client may be given practise assignments/homework to complete as a way of contributing to the therapy.

Ultimately CBT will help you learn to help yourself in managing better when things become difficult.

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