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My Guided visualisation audio aids are designed to take you on a mindful and guided journey to a place and time where you may feel safe to explore concerns, or simply for calmness and relaxation.

The unique journeys were created by Roger Sealy.Dip. Couns. MBACP.

"I believe that sometimes it does you good to just enter into a different time and place where you may safely ponder upon things as well as relax and enjoy the moment ".

'The Island' "At times we all want a safe place just to have time for ourselves".I believe it is good sometimes to just take some time for yourself and use it for relaxation purposes. 'The Island', seeks to let you enjoy such a period of time by taking you to a 'secret' place that contrasts against the sometimes, dreary drudgery of reality. Here then you are in ownership of everything you visualise as you are offered the chance to unwind and relax in a visual environment that calms and delights ". Offers you the opportunity to de-stress and relax. Total running time is 29 minutes. Music: Kevin MacLeod


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"The Cottage" Provides you with an opportunity and a different way, to gently aid you in exploring current concerns and issues as you journey along your chosen path." It is always easier to walk away from yourself and much harder to journey back towards yourself" Duration 26 minutes. Music: Kevin MacLeod

'The Wonderment' To help gently facilitate exploration of Self Esteem issues.The wonderment takes you back to the beginnings of mankinds first footprints upon the earth. The journey taken eventually leads to searching questions being answered, and the realisation that our purpose for being is important. I wanted this to be an uplifting experience, one in which self esteem can be given a boost whilst also enjoying the story and whatever the visualisation brought to mind for the participant. Duration 41 mins. Music: Kevin MacLeod & Cumara Music

'The Cottage Garden' "Give yourself the space and time to relax your body and your mind". This offers you the opportunity to de-stress and relax. Music: Cumara Music. Total running time is 35 minutes.

For convenience, all guided visualisation aids are now available as an MP3 download purchase. Ideal for personal MP3 players, mobile phones , tablets - in fact anywhere where you listen

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