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The Person-Centered Approach

The Person-Centered approach was originally set out by Carl Rogers, an America psychologist and psychotherapist in the 1940s. It is founded on the belief that all of us have a natural tendency to work towards our own well being and achieve the maximum satisfaction in our lives. It also believes that we have the resources to work this out and do it for ourselves....though sometimes we may need help. Finally it says that we all have the right to decide for ourselves where we are going with our lives.

When we get 'stuck' we may need help - but that help is not to make the decisions for us, it is to enable us to sort out a way to make the decisions for ourselves. So we say that the Person-Centred approach is 'non-directive'.

Because no-one else can know what is right for us - no-one knows what it is like to be us - no-one else can tell us what to do.

The best that another can do for us is to offer the sort of relationship which gives us the safety, space, freedom from anxiety, lack of threat and the ability to get nearer to our real selves. This enables us to view our experience from a different perspective and find another way to live our lives.

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